About Us

NewProBalkan Consulting is a specialist unit within the NewProBalkan group
with expertise of a wide range of areas;we have been operating within all
Europe and thus have close links with our international counterparts
frequently liaising with them on assignments.

The primary objective for NewProBalkan has always been to be and remain
as “the most trusted & reliable external advisor” for our clients and

Our job is to assist companiesfrom all over the world look further forward
to achieve top-levelresults and performance with their new business
enterprises in the new markets.
We are offering business consultation services in Austria,Germany,
Switzerland, Bulgaria, Turkey and United Kingdom and other European

We serve clients in areas ranging from the public sector and manufacturing
industry, healthcare to financial services, and banking.
Our team in Europe advise large and medium-sized corporations,
government bodies, and nonprofit organizations on their new market

In today’s volatility in the business world, it takes complex connections to
create simple solutions. It is undeniable that behind every great idea, every
new advancement, every new concept of the product, there are people and
technologies working together teaming together.

NewProBalkan is committed to adding value to the business of its clients
and partner by embedding the principles of corporate social responsibility
into its main core strategies, actions, programs, and policies.
From our experience gained in years we operate in the Eastern Europe, it is
important that we work as closely as possible with you to ensure that your
overall aims and objectives are met and we fully understand the intricacies
of your organization. Our approach is solutions-focused, practical and

If you are ready to innovate and transform your business, NewProBalkan can
assist you plan, deliver, and run your future enterprises, wherever you
would like to compete in Europe, using the latest technologies, from
strategy development through successful implementation.